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Based out of Tulsa, Oklahoma, Tulsa Rightway Medical is a multi-faceted substance abuse organization with various flexible drug and alcohol addiction treatment options, including Counseling. In addition to these treatment options, there are drug and alcohol addiction treatment areas of specialization to further help struggling addicts recover effectively. Such areas of specialization include: Drug Addiction and Alcohol Addiction.

Because it's understandable that seeking addiction rehab in Tulsa, Oklahoma, especially if it's one's first time doing so, can feel like a pretty scary thing. This is why the addiction therapists and counselors at Tulsa Rightway Medical do everything in their power to make their patients feel as comfortable as possible, as to ease this initial scary feeling.

Tulsa Rightway Medical also takes accepted medical insurances, i.e. Medicaid, Most Insurances, and certain payment options upon qualification, such as: American Express, Cash or self-payment, Check, Mastercard, Medicaid, Visa. Tulsa Rightway Medical may be contacted via their website at www.tulsarightwaymedical.com.

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3445 South Sheridan Road EastTulsaOklahoma  74145

Google Reviews

  5.0   2 years ago

The people are nice then nurses are very helpful and they are really interested in helping you get away from opiates

  5.0   2 years ago

Great medical office. Be careful that you know what you're getting into this is a very serious medication for very serious problems. Not something to play around with.

  4.0   2 years ago

Saved my life! If you do it right.. It's a lot worse than it used to be.. But I love the staff! Most of them..

  4.0   2 years ago

I have had a decent experience with this Clinic the only thing I really have to say is that if you are not there by 10 Saturday morning you are screwed for the weekend there was once I was a minute or two late and they let me in still but they won't do this anymore they don't care if you're there at 10:01 so just make sure you get there on time.

  5.0   2 years ago

Because it keeps my life stable & the staff treat you like a client and not an inmate!

  5.0   3 years ago

Saved my wife life

  4.0   3 years ago

The people who review Rightway claiming all the staff cares about is the money the patients bring in - they are correct. It is a business after all. The entire medical field is a business, so you're giving your money either to the methadone clinic or a heroin dealer. Does it make sense to refuse help because they charge? No, you end up doing that at any treatment center and with any doctor. I wish there were less sketchy things happening in the parking lot sometimes, but the staff has started asking some of the more reckless dealers loitering outside to beat it. But it's not often that I notice those people hanging around. And if you're worried about slipping and someone selling you anything, then just go in - get your dose and leave without engaging any other patients. I'm happy to say I am doing so much better than when I decided to first start going to Rightway. I was bad on heroin and it seemed there was no end in sight but the clinic helped me get back on my feet and out of the cycle of scoring and getting sick, instead the methadone lets you have a clearer head and frees you from being sick all the time. It's much better than the life of a user getting his fix from wherever or whomever.

  3.0   3 years ago

The service is better than other clinics in town

  3.0   3 years ago

It's great for getting stable if you can't afford to lose your job withdrawaling. However, the stuff is liquid handcuffs. If I'd have known it takes about 4-6 weeks of withdrawal to get off methadone or suboxone versus 11-14 days for heroin, and less for pills, I'd have never come. The staff is 4/5 and counseling ranges from none to great to cluelessly strict depending who you are assigned. They urine test monthly, sometimes observed, and counseling or group (or both) is once a week. Most people stay for years. If you are motivated you can do it. Don't raise your dose higher than you need. And listen to your body, the staff has no interest in losing a 'customer'. All in all, if I'd have known what I know now, I'd have just taken the 11 days to kick. I've been here for years. The stuff destroys your teeth and most people gain a lot of weight on it. You dont get high on it either. PLEASE don't sign up unless you REALLY have a BAD problem! P.S. don't come in for your intake high. EVERYONE can tell, duh. You have to be in withdrawal. Call ahead to make sure they are doing intakes that day and come early!

  5.0   4 years ago

Right way has it's share of some of the best counselors that really care and want to help. They really go the extra mile. Management (husband and wife team?) On the other hand sucks and is not caring about anything other than bottom line and maybe themselves

  5.0   4 years ago

Great place if your serious about your sobriety. If you think you can just go to get high, think again.

  4.0   4 years ago

It's interesting how abusers can get access to methadone and get help to ease their self made pains yet people who have done NOTHING to cause their pain are being treated like trash now days and being denied decent pain relief simply because doctors are paranoid about losing their jobs due to all the darn druggies. You people want sympathy? I have sympathy for the young woman who was crushed by a semi truck but according to her own words "unlucky enough to live" and has a broken spine that refuses to heal after 5 years & countless agonizing surgeries & twisted metal throughout her body & took a year to learn to walk again yet SHE has to beg & literally cry to get any doctor to help ease her pain. What did she do to deserve this? Where is HER methadone clinic? What is her option? She has lost all hope. She has nobody in the medical field in this state helping her in any meaningful way & basically just force her to do endless spinal injections that NEVER ease her pain & only give her spinal migraines for 3 days afterwards which then requires her to go in for yet another procedure to get rid of what's causing the spinal migraines from THEIR shots! I'm raging angry that my innocent daughter who has never done anything wrong is being denied decent pain management because now all doctors are too afraid to prescribe medications because of the actions of selfish, weak people who actually think their episodes of withdrawl is so long and so painful and so agonizing that they cant deal with it. You people come to my house and you'll see another level of agony that will give you insight into pain that you can't even imagine. You'd have to transport yourselves back to the medieval torture chambers to get an idea of what my baby goes through trapped inside her body that is in effect a torture chamber now for the rest of her life and she has no control over it and no hope and nowhere to go. She has no clinic to go to where she can get a daily dose of medication to ease her pain that she didn't cause by her actions at all. Is that fair? I guess in America that makes sense though since we always reward bad behavior and punish the ones who play by the stupid rules. Maybe one of you could give advice on how to become an addict and I can tell her and that way she can then at least go to this lace and get methadone which would treat her ACTUAL PAIN that is from an actual physical problem with over 10 cat scans and 5 MRIs to prove it. I guess at this clinic though what she'd need is not cat scans or MRI's or a real physical problem causing her pain but proof of abusing drugs so I'll tell her to start working on that ASAP. Just like the junkies on here who have said this place has saved their life's because they had no hope before it, well my daughter is at that dark place of NO hope as well & see's no future but endless pain totally out of her control & she does not want to live in that case. I'm desperate to get her help in anyway I have to so if that means a drug clinic then so be it. It just burns me up that the very people who have caused the DEA to crack down on the doctors and make them too paranoid to treat even their most bodily damaged patients with medications that actually work (IE the junkies) are the ones who have these methadone clinics set up just for them so they don't have to suffer any unwanted side effects from their own stupid, irresponsible, reckless, selfish, criminal behaviors. I don't mind you having them but I do mind that my daughter has NOTHING TO HELP HER. I do mind that a lot of the reason she has nothing is because of ALL of you people. You people are causing a lot of good, innocent people in real pain to choose suicide because they can't endure 30-50 years of uncontrolled severe, second by second pain that has no hope of ever going away & is progressive. Ten years ago my daughter would not be living this hell. You people have destroyed not only your own life's but everybody in the chronic pain community too. For that, I curse you.

  5.0   5 years ago

Absolutely awesome, best thing I ever did was going there. If your gonna go to one this is the one, they're great. If someone on here didn't like it it's only cause they probably tried dosing when they were high. They WILL DENY YOU your dose if you are messed up which only makes sense. I've seen Sooooo many people try dosing when they can barely stand. Those are the morons that have issues with it.

  5.0   5 years ago

Great people there who are there to help you not make you feel bad about yourself or your own situation they have seen it all and always have a warm welcoming smile .

  5.0   5 years ago

Everyone from the cashier to the counselor to the doctor to the dispenser. They were all very positive and helpful in a way that was calming. I was scared because I didn't know what I was in for. But now very excited to where I'm headed. I've always seemed to pick the wrong road to go down but this one feels right and I'm excited about the program and what it can do for me. God bless us all and good luck on yours and my life through this long but productive and positive journey. This is the place to get the help you need. No room for friends for the negative or judgemental. Always surround yourself with good positive friends that understand this is all for the best. Good luck to u all and again you have chosen the right place medical clinic.

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