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Detox in Tulsa

3 Minute Read | Published Nov 24 2023 | Updated Dec 01 2023

Tulsa, Oklahoma is a city that has been greatly affected by the opioid epidemic and substance abuse in general. In fact, in 2017, Oklahoma had the second highest rate of overdose deaths in the country, with Tulsa County ranking as the highest in the state. This statistics shed light on the need for effective detox centers in Tulsa in order to combat this growing issue.

Local Statistics:

- In 2017, there were 394 drug overdose deaths in Tulsa County, making it the county with the highest number of overdose deaths in Oklahoma. This number has continuously increased over the years, with a 91% increase from 2011 to 2017.

- From 2013 to 2017, there were 1,033 opioid-related overdose deaths in Tulsa County.

- Synthetic opioids, such as fentanyl, were involved in the majority of overdose deaths in Tulsa County in 2017.

- The majority of deaths were among males, with middle-aged adults being the most affected group.

- Heroin and prescription opioids are the two most commonly abused substances in Tulsa County.

- In 2017, there were 191 emergency room visits for opioid overdoses in Tulsa County.

- The number of neonatal abstinence syndrome cases in Tulsa County increased from 16 in 2011 to 316 in 2017.

- Oklahoma has the 7th highest prescribing rate for opioids in the country.

The Need for Detox Centers:

With these staggering statistics, it is clear that detox centers in Tulsa are crucial in addressing the opioid epidemic and substance abuse issues in the city. Detox centers provide a safe and medically supervised environment for individuals to manage and overcome their physical dependence on drugs and alcohol. Detox is often the first step in the addiction treatment process and it is important for it to be done correctly and under professional care.

Reassuring the Possibility of Treatment:

It is important to reassure those struggling with addiction in Tulsa that their situation is not hopeless and that treatment is possible. Detox programs not only help with the physical aspect of withdrawal, but also offer support and resources for individuals to address the underlying causes of addiction and develop healthy coping skills.

Various treatment options are available in Tulsa, including detox centers, inpatient and outpatient rehab programs, and support groups. By seeking help and participating in these programs, individuals can work towards a successful recovery and a drug-free life.

Furthermore, research shows that treatment is effective in reducing drug and alcohol use, improving overall health and functioning, and decreasing criminal activity. With the right treatment and support, addiction can be successfully treated, and individuals can lead fulfilling and productive lives.

In conclusion, the opioid epidemic and substance abuse in Tulsa is a serious issue that requires immediate attention. The high number of overdose deaths and emergency room visits highlight the need for effective detox centers in the city. It is crucial to spread awareness about the resources available and to reassure individuals struggling with addiction that recovery is possible with the right treatment and support.
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